By TWD Australia

May 16, 2016 | News

A Simple Antidote To A Stressful World

Modern technology enables us to communicate like no time before in history. Events happening anywhere in the world can get beamed into our homes or onto our mobile devices in real time. Like all advances this can be good or bad depending on how we use it.

The problem is that news tends to be bad. Over the last two months we have seen terrible events in Sydney and Paris. And also another airliner go down. In some respects this affects us all. In another it affects only those directly involved and those connected to them.

And therein lies the rub. In a connected world we are somehow all connected to each other, including people we do not know, crazy as this may sound. However our senses are not adapted to this and it is easy to become overwhelmed. Especially when this is added to the everyday issues that we all face.

On one hand it may make us feel grateful that our problems are less serious than those of others. On another it can make us feel like there is nothing but bad news in the world.

We cannot go backwards and neither can we live in caves. We can control how much bad news we seek out and we can also choose how we respond.

We can also create time in the week for relaxation and meditation. Time when we do shut off from the outside world, and recharge the batteries. Numerous studies have shown health benefits of regular meditation. In some European countries regular mediators’ get a discount on their health insurance.

You don’t need to dress in orange or retreat to a cave or chant ohm (although you can if you want to). The key is to focus on your breathing and in turn this enables us to not think about other things.

This year looks like it will be eventful. One of the best ways to cope with what may lie ahead is to have your stress levels in check. Regular meditation or guided relaxation is the best way to do this.

Source: Dr Joe’s DIY Health

Words by TWD Australia.