Financial planning can be as confusing as an Ikea instruction manual. Hedge what? Closed-end whose-it?

We’re different, and that makes all the difference.

A plan is more than just stealing away the odd dollar or two here and there, it’s about summoning your inner Nostradamus and prophesying what really matters most to you down the line.


Say hello to your future

Most people agree that super isn’t sexy, but it is sensible. Superannuation is an essential component of your long-term wealth wellbeing, and TWD can manage it all for you. As for self-managed super? While it may not seem time- or cost effective for some clients, we can explore this based on your situation and goals.

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Get ready for changes to superannuation

The shake-up of super funds under the Royal Commission has unearthed many shady practices.

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Protecting your lifestyle

As your wealth grows, so too do the risks. TWD Essentials is not limited to suggesting any one insurance provider, and partners with the most trusted specialists to ensure all offerings are in your best interest. Rest easy knowing your personal and business insurances are taken care of, as well as updated when your circumstances change.

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Health Insurance Regulations

What are your obligations when it comes to private health insurance? Could you actually pay less without it?

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Planning and transition

We’ll keep your money working, even if you’re not. Whether you’re planning for retirement soon or need help generating a steady cash flow from your assets through your golden years, TWD Essentials will help. It’s the planning we do today that will ensure your future is more than comfortable.

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Retiree - Bill Gliddon

Now retired, Bill relies on careful management of his nest egg to continue the adventure.

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Wealth Management

Guidance and advice

Marrying your spouse, the first house, the first baby, the first investment property. Each stage of life comes with its own unique financial challenges. At each stage, we’re with you to manage your wealth and strengthen your financial security. As well as managing your assets, we’re able to employ the expertise of TWD Invest to supercharge your money.

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How the Rich get Richer.

How do the rich build their wealth? Is it as easy as: if you want to be rich, you have to think rich?

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Estate planning

What happens next?

What happens to your wealth when you’re no longer with us? We help you plan for this inevitability, to give you the certainty that all your years of hard work will benefit those people most important to you. Through our close relationships with legal professionals, you can be confident that all your ducks are in a row.

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How can we improve longevity?

Dr Joe Kosterich looks at lies, damn lies and statistics.

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Professional Advice Relationships

We remove complexity and frustration by offering a single point of contact to manage all the moving parts of the professional firms you may require.

After all, we can’t be experts at everything. If you need to consult with an accountant, lawyer, broker or banker, we’ll put you in touch with a trusted partner, and then collaborate with your preferred firm to achieve the best outcomes for you.