By TWD Australia

June 13, 2016 | Archive 2016

Last Battle Soon To Be Won

Emma Morano who lives near the Swiss border in Italy has made the Guinness book of records. At 116 years old she is the oldest person in the world and the only living person to have been born in the 19th Century (November 29, 1899). This means that through her life time the car, television and Internet all came into existence. She has survived two world wars and seen travel go from horse and cart to space rockets.

There are many factors, which contribute to longevity. Ms. Morano told the Washington Post that she eats eggs, meat and pasta daily. She worked till age 75 and still lives in her own home, albeit with some carer support.

Her diet is particularly relevant in view of the low fat fad, which has taken hold over the last 40 years. The British Daily Mirror and Daily Express had front-page stories on Monday about how we need to eat more fat. The National Obesity Forum has published a report, which backs what lone voices such as my own have been saying for many years. That is, most of what we are told about healthy eating is wrong!

For most of human history we have eaten real food, which, before it became food, grew in the ground or was moving around. We did not eat low fat diets. Whilst our ancestors did not live as long as us, it was not because of diet related illnesses. The main food related problem was a lack of it!

The rise in obesity levels and type two diabetes is due to consumption of processed carbohydrates. Fats in the diet, including saturated fats, are not and never have been the problem. The report by the National Obesity Forum will be labeled as “irresponsible” and “ill informed “ by governments and those with vested interest in the status quo who don’t want to debate the facts.

I am genuinely excited this week. The truth is making the front page. The last battle is soon to be won.

Words by TWD Australia.