Growing wealth is only part of the story...

TWD Essentials was created with the belief that wealth management shouldn’t be only for the super wealthy.

While each person’s relationship with money is unique, we’ve found far too many Australians find the financial world unwieldy, complicated and out of reach. So, how about a straight-talking, straightforward approach to financial management? That’s us.

You can think of TWD Essentials as a single point of contact. Because it’s not just about money, we want your whole life to grow wealthy.


Because there’s
a better way

To move beyond ‘comfortable,’ improve your net worth and reach your goals, you need a dynamic plan and a way to put it into play. Think of TWD Essentials as your coach, team and cheer squad. Because for us, there’s no greater reward than seeing our clients succeed in the game.


Less stress for you means more time for them

Build a sustainable plan for your future, developed to help you align your family values with your family’s wealth. Whether you’re saving for the kids, investing in a relative’s business, or building a financial empire with your spouse, it pays to have advice from a firm that still feels like family.


Feel the move
towards certainty

Anxiety over finances is a common issue for many people, at least until clients begin to work with TWD.  As project managers of your entire financial life, our role is to prioritise the important, remove complexity and then deliver results that benefit you and your family. It’s time to rest easy while your money works harder.

David Hatton

Meet David

The belief in the "value of advice" brought David to TWD, where he says "empowering others around their money gives me a great buzz".
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