By TWD Australia

June 6, 2016 | News

A Rocker’s Life

Welcome to 2015. The year starts on a familiar theme. I have written often about those who want to control all the actions of people rather than provide them with information and allow them to make their own choices.

Blues legend Joe Cocker passed on shortly before Christmas from lung cancer aged 70. For a hard living rocker this is not actually a bad innings. Yet Simon Chapman from the University of Sydney noted on the Conversation that he had missed ten years of life due to smoking.

This may be quite true as the average life expectancy for the British male is 80. The question though is whether or not a man like Cocker would trade in his “hard living” rocker lifestyle to have an extra ten years of life.

In other word some people would rather play hard and live a shorter life. This may or may not suit others. And therein lies the key. It is not for anyone else to tell a person how to live their life. Some may value extra potential years and be happy to take fewer risks with their health. Others place enjoyment of today higher and care little about the consequences.

Most of us will take a middle path, albeit closer to one end of the spectrum or the other. But there is no absolute right or wrong. It is about personal priorities. This is ultimately what the zealots do not get – that not every person shares their quest for a totally risk averse life in a plastic bubble. A life where all decisions are made through a prism of whether some action will extend or shorten life.

It is great to live a long and healthy life. But to some this is not an aspiration. This needs to be respected.

Being authentic to what one holds to be important in life is the key. It is good to have our health as a major consideration. Ultimately how we live life though is our choice. It is not up to others, no matter how well meaning, to interfere.

Source: Dr Joe

Words by TWD Australia.